Bain Social Impact Project – Helping a Special Family

December 13, 2015 – On a Sunday morning, a group of Bainies from the Moscow office purchased and delivered a physical therapy device for Yulya, an 8-year-old girl suffering from cerebral palsy.

Elizaveta Selyavina, an Associate Consultant in Moscow, describes the day:

Yulya was diagnosed with infantile cerebral paralysis when she was 6 months old. Since then, she and her family have bravely worked hard to make progress while fighting the challenges along the way. Yulya’s parents made almost all the needed equipment themselves including a special bicycle and a special walking frame. They make sure she receives massages every day in addition to reading to and studying with her. However, it is impossible them to build the special device Yulya needs, the MOTOmed Viva2.  This physical therapy device is specifically made for children of her age and condition and it is essential for Yulya to succeed in fighting her disease.

Yulya’s parents applied to government organizations to receive the device – however, due to its high cost and scarcity they were put on a 5 year waitlist. That is why Bain’s help was so important for the family in that particular moment – this special device gives Yulya and her family hope for sustainable progress in the future!

The Bain Moscow office sponsored the purchase of the device, and a group of Bain volunteers helped to transfer it to Yulya. When we arrived at Yulya’s home, we received a warm welcome from Yulya’s family. Her father shared with us the obstacles they currently face and the efforts made by all family members to overcome them. While listening we were greatly amazed by the fantastic strength of Yulya’s parents, their positive attitude towards life and people around them, despite all the difficulties they experienced. All together, we had a nice conversation, complete with tasty homemade cake. We were very happy to observe Yulya’s recent progress in motor development (she sits and stands with her father’s help), which is a very good starting point for the purchased device to be effective for her treatment.

Overall, it was a great pleasure for us to share Sunday morning with these hardworking and strong people and have an opportunity to give Bain’s support to them. As Yulya’s father put it – Bain has made a big difference in their family’s life. At that moment, we felt so proud to be Bainies and grateful for being a part of such a great social impact project!

‘It was a very special, moving and inspirational experience, which will be hard to forget’, shares his feelings one of volunteers, Natan Shklyar, a partner at Bain Moscow, and we all agree that this experience is very valuable indeed.

We look forward to hearing good news on her progress from Yulya and her family!

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  1. Really great job – suffering with cerebral palsy is quite a challenge. Glad that the Bain Social Impact is really getting somewhere. Keep up the good work!

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