Making Entrepreneurship Contagious

The image of the individualistic, do-it-yourself entrepreneur is romantic and deeply entrenched, but new research from Endeavor and Bain & Company suggests that it is also misleading.

Endeavor, a non-profit organization in the field of high-impact entrepreneurship, has long recognized the potential “multiplier effect” of entrepreneurs who can serve as role models, mentors and investors in the local ecosystem. Bain and Endeavor recently partnered to study the multiplier effect in three markets — Buenos Aires, Istanbul and Mexico City. The research supports what Endeavor have long witnessed on the ground: Entrepreneur networks do not start with gleaming facilities or government guarantees, nor do they spring spontaneously from successful companies. Instead, a few pioneering founders get the support they need at the critical early phase of their development and then actively spread the entrepreneurship fever by mentoring, inspiring, and investing in subsequent generations of entrepreneurs. Read more about recent the study and the Bain/Endeavor partnership Knowledge @ Wharton.


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