Joining forces to save the planet

The Bain Bay Area is excited to announce that The Nature Conservancy is their latest multiyear social impact partner. Read on to learn more about the organization and the work planned for the coming years.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is one of the world’s leading conservation organizations. It is dedicated to preserving the land and water on which all life depends. Since its founding in 1951, the Conservancy has protected more than 119 million acres of land and thousands of miles of rivers, and it has taken on more than 100 marine conservation projects.

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TNC has achieved this high standard by innovating with new conservation methods. The Conservancy is unique in forming diverse partnerships and taking a business-minded, market-based approach to environmental protection. For a sustainable and lasting impact, the organization operates with the core belief that human needs must be integrated with environmental needs. To accomplish its goals, TNC collaborates with a wide range of organizations: governmental agencies, companies and corporations, like-minded nonprofits, local stakeholders, indigenous communities, and various international institutions. With these diverse partners, TNC deploys tactics such as reverse auctions, impact investing, and other pioneering, market-based mechanisms.

Bain and TNC have been collaborating since the early 1990s. Bain Bay Area has performed a variety of pro bono work for the Conservancy, including donor segmentation, fundraising strategy, forestry management, and the BirdReturns initiative.  Having now selected TNC as a formal social impact partner for the Bain Bay Area, we will be collaborating even more closely to help advance their mission.

We have already wrapped our inaugural pro bono casework of the partnership. Our first TNC case team focused on three key areas:

  1. Bain joined forces with the Conservation Investments Department (CID), an internal resource dedicated to rolling out progressive, market-based mechanisms for project teams in the California chapter. We helped CID identify the best operating model to infuse innovation across CA chapter projects.
  2. The Bain team performed a deep dive into The Conservancy’s Urban Strategies Initiative to help refine the project vision, objectives and strategies. This initiative is at a pivotal inflection point—Urban Strategies has the potential to engage a new generation of donors and enthusiasts through innovative, market-based approaches.
  3. Bain and TNC established joint priorities for the next three years, targeting initiatives that create value both in California and globally.

These three areas of work will advance the Conservancy’s expansion into the new field of urban-focused conservation. In addition, they will solidify an overarching operating model that enables better use of new internal resources to maximize how funds are used and their worldwide impact.

Our current projects are multifaceted. With the overarching goal of helping TNC embrace innovation, we are deploying Bain’s top talent to help run strategy retreats for TNC leadership. We have kick-started the Conservation Innovation Grant Challenge, supporting two TNC teams in their most high risk, high reward conservation ideas. And, finally, we are getting the whole office involved through TNC site visits and TNC-run brown bag lunches.

The Bain Bay Area partnership with The Nature Conservancy has immense potential for global impact over the next three years. We look forward to working with TNC and the dynamic Bain community to protect our planet.

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