Creating a sustainable, abundant and joyful world

Many young leaders and entrepreneurs brought their projects onboard. The projects are diverse, but all of them aim to create a sustainable, abundant and joyful world for everyone. Our Bain team has spent the time between lectures, workshops and Antarctic landings listening to these ideas and initiatives and sharing our Bain business skills and expertise. It is such a privilege to apply our consulting skills to help the participants make their projects more impactful and efficient.

A student from India cherishes an ambitious project aimed at promoting Indian culture and education. He looks for guidance to make his project come true.

Another Indian participant aspires to open a nutritional restaurant sourcing products exclusively from local farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. This project will benefit the farmers because without a middleman involved their profits will be greater, and it favours sustainable agriculture. It will also benefit customers by offering healthy cuisine at affordable prices.

A teacher from Germany wishes to launch a Sustainability Club in her school to promote children’s awareness of sustainability issues and get them involved early. She plans to organize inter-class competitions in recycling and cleanups and to encourage students to track and reduce their own carbon footprint. She also plans to reduce the school’s energy consumption and share the approach and best practices with the students so they can replicate it at home.

The list of projects is endless and we strongly believe the participants’ determination and our contribution of the Bain toolkit will make these projects come to life and succeed. We will follow up with the participants after the expedition is over and we can’t wait to hear how they are progressing.

– Galyna

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