What is your story going to be?

Here in Antarctica it is all about building your story. What is that story? A story is taking everything you learn on this ship from the mentors, the inspirational people that you meet and the activities we take part in and using it to create our own story which we can share with others. A story, like in any book, needs a beginning and an end and for this to happen you need one main ingredient, commitment. As Robert Swan says: “build a track record and inspire others by showing your commitment with actions, if you say you are going to do something, do it.”

Team with Robert

The team with Robert Swan

Do you want to see what commitment looks like?

Abhishek, a 23 year old from India, patented his own solar powered voice activated elevator for the blind and elderly which is already being installed in retirement blocks with a scope of 16 more. Think that is awesome? He is also one of the four founders of the yearly Himalayan Expedition who are also working on raising funds to sponsor two students to come to the International Antarctic Expedition next year.

Meagan, where to start? After running multiple successful companies and living all over the world, this single mom gave it all up to lead an NGO called the Bare Foot College. Bare Foot College is based in India, but its reach extends across many developing countries with projects that empower elderly women from poor rural communities. These women, “big mommas”, receive global and local training to learn how to be solar engineers. Yes, you heard correctly, elderly women from remote villages becoming engineers!   They go back to their communities to use what they have learned to install solar energy in their villages where they have never before had power.

Marcus, an ex-marine, who after serving found a passion for science – specifically in micro-plastics in the world’s oceans. He and his wife have set up the 5 Gyres Foundation and he has spent many, many years on boats and rafts collecting information and samples from microorganisms and animals. You would be surprised by how much plastic is found in the guts of a fish. Think of that next time you order sushi… His mission is now to create citizen scientists who can do their own research in their communities and to become market drivers for better designed products and waste management.

These are only 3 of the 80 plus stories we have heard on this boat. We hope that this inspires you to make a difference in our world. So…. what is your story going to be?

– Kate and Thalia

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  1. It was a great pleasure to share the Antarctic experience with Galyna, Thalia and Kate. As a Bain alum, it was thrilling to see my former company taking an active role in supporting efforts to make the world a better place.

    Bain still takes the True North message seriously… even when it means heading South!

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