First land sighting

To anyone who goes to the Antarctic, there is a tremendous appeal, an unparalleled combination of grandeur, beauty, vastness, loneliness and malevolence – all of which sound tremendously melodramatic – but which truthfully convey the actual feeling of Antarctica. Where else in the world are all of these descriptors really true?

– Captain T.L.M. Sunter 

Antarctica 3

Ooh, finally, the Drake Passage is behind us! Before we even entered it, the ship’s crew shared their experiences of previous years when the waves were so high and severe, that expedition participants were being flung from their beds during the nighttime and thrown against walls as they navigated their way through the shaky corridors. We were prepared for the worst, but nature spared us and waves that we witnessed did not exceed 6m – what a relief!

After the Drake Passage we officially entered Antarctic waters and immediately felt the change: the temperature dropped considerably and the horizon was not an endless dark blue desert any more.

The icebergs were the first sign of us approaching Antarctica. As soon as we spotted them, some teammates started humming the famous song by Celine Dion from “Titanic” the movie. But, I will never forget my first iceberg sighting, I was entirely speechless and in awe of these amazing creations.

The afternoon was marked by one of the tannoy announcements: “Team Inspire, Team Inspire, Team Inspire. Whales at 9 o’clock”. As we were already briefed on the sailor’s jargon, everyone rushed to the “port deck”. The impressive whale made several circles around the ship before disappearing into the deep after providing us with a very impressive performance.

And then we saw our first pieces of land in several days! How majestic are all these islands covered with ice and snow, beyond the edge of the world! We imagined ourselves the 19th century explorers on the verge of a great discovery…

– Galyna

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