Ready to set sail

Final comments from Galyna on the days leading up to the expedition. This was the last post from them before they made contact from the ship.  Check back to read about their experiences on the ship (and in Antarctica!) over the next few days.

Our Expedition began in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world and the closest to the Antarctic Continent, the windy and desolate outpost tucked into the Beagle Channel and surrounded by peaks and glaciers.


First, Robert Swan shared his inspiring life story, starting from his childhood dream of becoming a polar explorer up to his decision to dedicate his life to the preservation of Antarctica.

The presentations that followed were devoted to the current geopolitical status of Antarctica and risks threatening it; current situation status of the climate change and carbon emissions impact; leaders’ role in making a change.

Further discussions allowed us to get to know the other participants better and learn about their views and activities in the sustainability area.

Today is a special day as we are boarding the ship that will take us to Antarctica.

The journey will start with the Drake Passage, the body of water which separates South America from Antarctica. The waters of the passage are known to be the roughest in the world. In severe weather, waves are said to reach a height of over 10 m. Let’s see what it prepares for us…

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