One year after Antarctica – Sid’s reflections

The second of last year’s participants, Sid in India, shares his reflections on how the expedition affected him.  Stay tuned for the final reflection next week, followed by the real-time experience of this year’s team! 

This time last year, I was running around frantically, trying to balance my case load with getting all my stuff sorted for the International Antarctica Expedition (IAE.) At that point, I thought about the expedition as an adventure, a physical experience if you will. However, I now find that I had it all backwards; the expedition caused more of a mental shift than anything else, and changed my perspective on how I look at a lot of life in general.


For example, post IAE I find myself reading more about ideas concerning renewable energy and sustainability measures, and learning more about changes to the ecosystem than I had before. Perhaps more interestingly, the way I interpret things that I used to experience before the expedition has changed as well. Plant-based imitations of meat don’t just appeal to the vegetarian glutton in me anymore; they also appeal to the part of my brain that’s thinking about how this could have a powerful impact on the environment. Government policies now have me worrying about potential disruptions to the environment, rather than just the economic impact it could have.

IAE definitely affected the way I think, and introduced me to a lot of new ideas as well as great people and experiences. As the date of this year’s expedition draws nearer, I find myself becoming envious of the team this year. They’re in for the experience of a lifetime!

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