Mandela Day 2014 in Johannesburg

Continuing a wonderful tradition, Bain Johannesburg once again participated in Mandela Day 2014. One hundred Bainies visited eight different organisations, keen to contribute to the development of South Africa, bring different communities together and create social impact.


Some of the organisations and activities for the day included:

–          Playground repairs and trauma parcels at Ekupholeni Trauma Centre

–          Lunch and party packs for children and volunteers at TLC Children’s Home

–          Fun Day at the 5Cees Children’s Care Centre

–          Mini-consulting to social impact entrepreneurs at The Hub and entrepreneurs at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship

–          Painting Kliptown Pastoral pre-school and clearing a rubbish dump to help Taursac Community Gardens

At Ekupholeni, the jungle-gym, a happy distraction for kids while their parents undergo counselling, received a new slide and new colours while a super-efficient team of Bainies packed 200 care parcels for rape victims. Artistic and excited Bainies had planned to paint the jungle-gym red, yellow, and blue.  However, with the help of some errors in paint quantity estimations they delivered a stunning pastel pink, yellow and turquoise jungle-gym instead!

More work with children at TLC Children’s Home and 5Cees Children’s Care Centre ended with equally happy stories – Bainies visiting TLC not only redirected money for Bain organised transport to buying nappies for the home but also put out a fire next door, while those visiting 5Cees enabled kids in difficult circumstances to be kids for the day with a bouncy castle, face painting, gaming van and foosball tables.

It was fulfilling for Bainies to see the impact our Mandela Day work can have. After participating in Bain’s mini-consulting at The Hub on Mandela Day 2013, one of the entrepreneurs established a production company, secured a premise, and put together a show which has been screened fourteen times. Our strategy workshop at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship was well-received and contributed to 30 entrepreneurs’ businesses.

In Kliptown, Soweto, Bainies helped improve the learning environment for children at the Kliptown Pastoral Pre-School and cleared a rubbish dump so that vegetable gardens can be built. The results were extremely impressive:


By the end of the day, Bainies had transformed a rubbish dump, a pre-school, two jungle-gyms, over 30 businesses, and brought many smiles to the faces of children and adults alike. We came home inspired to keep Mandela’s spirit alive through our small contributions and excited for an even bigger and better Mandela Day 2015!

– Elahe, Associate Consultant in Johannesburg

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