Impacta’s partnership with TECHO in Mexico

Impacta is a Social Impact Organization (similar to US-based Inspire) that offers consulting services to non-profit organizations and social enterprises in Mexico. Most of the consulting staff in Impacta are Bainies that dedicate their extra 10% to support these organizations through either pro-bono cases or one-on-one consulting sessions. Besides allowing Bainies to play new and challenging roles (SACs as Managers, for example), Impacta offers an outlet for us to pursue our passions by staying involved with causes that really matter to us.


Recently, Impacta wrapped up a case with TECHO – an anti-poverty organization with presence throughout Latin America, a very strong presence in Mexico and an ever growing base of volunteers (drafted mainly from universities). In recent years, TECHO has expanded their original focus of eliminating housing poverty to include community development through education and vocational aid. Due to this expanding scope, TECHO asked Impacta for help with two key topics: 1) developing an overarching strategy to integrate their new different project types into a single, coherent effort and 2) establishing a system of ongoing performance evaluation and metrics to measure their impact.

After a 6-month engagement, the Impacta-TECHO team co-created a new, holistic strategic vision (which was delivered just in time for their annual Strategic Congress) and developed a metrics dashboard based on international best practices. We believe that the insights created as well as the tools used will place TECHO in a better position to focus their resources and create maximum impact in the future. Our dashboard will also help them quickly evaluate where their Return on Social Investment is highest and, thus, guide them in this new stage in their organization’s evolution.

“I really enjoyed working on the project for TECHO because I had the opportunity to study a non-profit’s business plan and strategy, discuss their main challenges with the directors of the organization, and recommend a more simple and actionable way for them to implement their plan. I am confident that the time we invested to analyze TECHO was valuable, not only for them but also for me – because as a first year AC I had the opportunity to manage my own work-stream and have high client exposure.” – Gabriel Gonzalez, AC, Bain Mexico

“Throughout college, I always thought about volunteering for TECHO – yet, for some reason, I never got around to doing it. I was very pleased when Impacta gave me the opportunity to finally help TECHO (in a slightly different, but equally important, function.) Besides the “normal” consulting work, we were able to visit a couple of their communities and see first-hand the great job they are doing throughout Mexico. This was key to understanding their needs and helped us really create something actionable and useful for them. Although TECHO is best known for focusing on the housing issues that trouble low-resource communities, I feel their broader scope is a natural evolution for them. I am very happy that our work will help them with their expanding ambition to do good.” – Diego Arguelles, SAC, Bain Mexico

“The partnership between Impacta and TECHO was a boost for us, characterized by the professional quality of people committed to a common cause. Impact measurement for any association represents a step towards institutional strengthening. It will help increase the quality of work done by our volunteers, the men and women who go into these high-need communities every weekend to build a more just society, without poverty.” Paulina Garza, Social Director, TECHO Mexico

Authors: Diego Arguelles (SAC) & Gabriel Gonzalez (AC) in Mexico City

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