New York’s 2014 Inspire Results Challenge

Inspire case teams are competitive.

The Bain NY office quickly came to that realization during the annual Inspire Results Challenge, an office wide event where select Inspire teams share their client impact & success stories.

More importantly, the event is a competition for “Most Impactful Inspire Case of the Year.” The winning team is granted the privilege of showcasing their Inspire story at the annual office wide offsite – in front of over 300 colleagues and the Worldwide Managing Director of Bain & Company. Quite a big deal.

As background, Inspire is a volunteer-run 501(c)3 consulting firm that works with local non-profits with a focus on youth and education. Founded in 1998 by four consultants from Bain & Company and The Monitor Group, Inspire has grown to over 520 volunteers across 17 cities in the United States.  Inspire provides an additional outlet for Associate Consultants at Bain to get involved in the community, learn new skills, and take on step-up roles. In the last year, over 60 Associate Consultants at Bain NY have volunteered on cases with clients focused on everything from after school programs to healthcare activism.

Four Inspire teams vied to be “Most Impactful Inspire Case of the Year” at this year’s Inspire Results Challenge. Each team was given ~10 minutes to not only present their work, but also highlight client feedback & personal development opportunities for case team members. Teams also fielded questions from a panel of 3 judges with extensive non-profit experience and from the audience.

Inspire NYC 2014

One team that stood out, winning the judge and audience votes, was the Dialogue Arts Project (DAP). Adam Falkner founded DAP in 2013 as a high school English class that combined an innovative curriculum with a facilitated dialogue session to spark conversation about students’ personal feelings about identity. At the time, DAP lacked a clear business strategy and plan for expansion, thus Adam engaged Inspire to help the organization grow and define itself going forward.

The team had a major impact at DAP – they identified DAP’s core competency, defined a scalable business model, and mapped out an operational roadmap. They developed the hiring process & training model for new workshop facilitators, built the compensation structure, helped secure 501(c)(3) certification and grant funding, and handed off an easy-to-use model for tracking financial needs on an ongoing basis.

All of the above could not have been accomplished without the Inspire volunteers who built an enduring relationship with DAP that spanned 2 phases of case work over 7 months with 11 volunteers.  To hear directly from one of the case team leaders on the project, visit our #BainVoices blog.

Feedback from DAP founder Adam best illustrates the level of impact Inspire had:
“I am energized and inspired to snowball this work out…Much of [DAP’s] growth and momentum…is due to our partnership with your diligent and brilliant team.”

To learn more about our efforts, read about last year’s NY Inspire Results Challenge here.

– Mona, AC and PR/Finance Head of Inspire Bain NY

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