1st edition of the Bain Paris Community Day!

On July 3rd, the Paris Office held its first Bain Paris Community Day.  Participants, as well as beneficiaries, were unanimous: it was a success!

We brought the energy and talent of over 220 Bainies, ranging from ACs to Partners to Consulting Support Services, to 17 local nonprofits in the Paris area. We have been supporting some of these NGOs for many years (Fondation pour l’Enfance…), and we also had the pleasure of discovering new ones. A variety of skills were required to paint walls, discuss Business Plans, prepare teenagers for job interviews and plant tomatoes! The Bain Cares Team, Green Team, and 17 dynamic volunteer “Activity Captains” spent weeks organizing the event to ensure this time would be wisely used.

Here are a few examples of the great activities we had a chance to partake in:

– We invited 30 entrepreneurs from disadvantaged suburbs to our office to review their business plans


– We engaged in a boxing training with a group of disadvantaged young people, then moved on to a career planning workshop with them


– We planted a beautiful vegetable garden, designed by a Bain alumnus, for a welfare 24/7 nursery


– We sorted second-hand socks to be recycled by a local business aiming at women’s social integration


After a whole day’s work we got together to celebrate our actions and although everyone was exhausted, faces were smiling! The conversations were quite enthusiastic…

“It’s incredible to see how spending one hour with this student was helpful – she just needed someone to give her self-confidence!”

“At first, I was skeptical. ‘How could I, a 25-year-old, be of help to an entrepreneur with 10 years’ experience?’ and actually, I feel like the Bain Toolkit was really useful to him!”

“We had so much fun painting in the morning, and I was really glad to meet the children who will live in this boarding school during the spontaneous soccer game we played in the afternoon!”


Our new Office Head, Domenico Azzarello, proudly noted that by making an impact on that day, we had truly embodied Bain values. We celebrated our accomplishment with a buffet dinner served by a social caterer working for homeless people’s integration: delicious, and such a great way to show that we care.

– Caroline, Bain Paris

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