World Environment Day 2014 at the Bain Capability Center

The Bain Capability Center (BCC) is an offshore group located in India that provides shared services for the global Bain system. To learn more, click here.

The BCC celebrated yet another fun-filled ‘Green Day’ this year with its annual World Environment Day celebrations on June 5th. The day offers an excellent platform to renew office-wide commitment to a greener future, in addition to discussing progress on prior years’ initiatives.

The event kicked off with a discussion on Bain’s Carbon Neutral program. In line with earlier years, the Carbon Neutral certification effort was driven by the BCC in conjunction will global Bain offices. The BCC team not only collaborated to quantify our environmental impact, but also gave us an insight into Bain’s investments to reduce carbon emissions across the globe. To learn more about Bain’s Carbon Neutral program, click here.

This was followed by a truly incredible experience sharing by Siddharth Sastri, who recently completed a trip to Antarctica as part of the ‘2041 International Antarctica Expedition’. Read more about the eye-opening experiences of the team here.

In addition to this, we also had an update by Dakshita Gandhi on ‘Project Akshar’. This project, set up in 2009, empowers marginalized communities to create notebooks from recycled paper. Today the BCC is one of Akshar’s largest corporate clients having purchased ~2K notebooks over the last year and a half. This has allowed us to save 110 tons of paper and reduced our carbon impact by nearly 475 tons.


Last year, the Green Team had announced the intention to replace all paper consumed office-wide with recycled paper. One year later, we have succeeded in this effort and replaced all virgin paper with recycled paper for printing purposes. Additionally several new initiatives have been launched: the sensor lighting program to save electricity is already up and running, the waste segregation effort is set to be launched later this year and we have started the Green Board – a bulletin to discuss environmental issues and ideas.


The day wrapped up with snacks in the café – a salad bar as opposed to the junk food we usually indulge in – and was much appreciated!

Having already seen the light-sensors in action, I must confess they are a sci-fi lover’s dream. It’s great to see technology being used as a positive force in the energy conservation effort.

Project Akshar and the waste segregation effort go hand in hand. The concept of separating trash for recycling has been slow to catch on in India – particularly in large companies – and it is heartening to know that all those used printouts will now be converted into great notebooks for employees and help people earn a livelihood.

In addition to this, the Green Board allowed me to brush up on my artistic talents (the board is hand-made and not paper-based to eliminate waste creation) which was incredible fun.

The thing I love the most about the initiatives? They are small, simple steps that allow every single Bainie to create impact at an individual level. Now, everyone can be part of the solution.

– BCC Green Team

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