Bain New York – Service Day 2014

In mid-May, the New York office participated in our annual Bain/City Year Service Day.    City Year is a nonprofit that places AmeriCorps members in the classrooms of high need public schools to keep students on track by focusing on attendance, behavior and course performance. The Bain New York office sponsors a City Year team at PS 83 in East Harlem, so it was to PS 83 that we all headed for our day of service.

When we first arrived, we received a warm welcome from the City Year team, complete with City Year chants and dance moves (when City Year corps members asked us, “How are y’all feeling?” we were expected to reply with a loud and hearty “Fired up!!!” Surely that was how we felt!). After a few more introductions and formalities, Bainies split up into multiple service projects. Some proved just how handy they are with a hammer by building benches, tables and bookcases for the school gymnasium and library. Others helped to beautify the school by picking up paintbrushes and creating murals. Still others fulfilled the wishes of the school’s basketball enthusiasts by refurbishing their basketball backboards. Overall, Bain employees had 9 different projects to choose from, all of which helped to make PS 83 a better, prettier, happier place to learn.


The highlights of the day included seeing the students’ reactions to our work and hearing from teachers and administrators just how much they appreciated our service. It was also a great opportunity for Bainies of all tenure levels to get to know more people in the office. At the end of the day, as we looked upon the results of a hard day’s work, it was awesome to reflect on what a difference we had made. And how much fun we had had in the process.


Overall, our annual Service Day was a huge success. In the New York office, Service Day is all about coming together and giving back to our community, and this year was no different. Only 11 months till the next one, and we can’t wait!

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