Bain Toronto – Social Impact Day 2014

This year the Toronto office hosted its second annual Social Impact Day with a theme of “Poverty in our Local Community.”  This day was again broken up into a morning Speakers Forum and an afternoon volunteering activity.

The morning session showcased one of our long-standing Bain Cares partners, United Way Toronto.  The speakers began with the organization’s VP of Community Impact discussing their strategy for addressing poverty in our community and continued with two United Way service recipients sharing their personal stories of hardship to triumph.  It was incredibly rewarding to learn more about how our donations during our annual fundraising campaign contribute to United Way’s initiatives, agencies, and ultimately people’s well-being.

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In the afternoon, my team’s task was to assist the Jane & Finch Boys & Girls Club in cleaning and organizing a large storage room being used to house old sporting equipment and other items; the Club was the fortunate recipient of new equipment and needed to make room.  With beautiful weather and an energetic troupe we completed our charge ahead of schedule.  Aside from the contributions we made to the agency, we had a great deal of fun – we had time to look back on the day and answer some interesting questions such as:

1) How many Case Team Leaders does it take to figure out how to get a toy office-desk through a narrow door?
2) Can I resist the temptation to casually use the dumbbells in front of the team?
3) Is an impromptu game of baseball a good idea in an enclosed area?

While the great time the team had should not detract from our efforts for the day, it should serve as a reminder of the difficulties the young men and women who use the facility on a daily basis face every day.  Many members of the team voiced the same sentiments and our team engaged in many discussions regarding follow-up initiatives that we could make on our own.

I have no doubt that Bain’s Social Impact Day will lead to many more days of engagement, awareness, and action.

-Ryan Zalis, Consultant, Toronto

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