Leading social change at Bain

Partner Vikki Tam was recently recognized by Wharton’s social impact initiative for her leadership of Bain’s global development practice. Read on to learn more about Vikki’s career at Bain.


Global development is one of two firm-wide [social impact] priorities for Bain.

“It’s a very broad space and there are a lot of organizations focused on a number of different ways to address global poverty. We’ve chosen to focus on partnering with innovators who use entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial models to drive sustained social and economic change,” she said.

After relocating to New York, Tam helped drive the Endeavor-Bain partnership agenda, which includes strategy and operationalization support, externship programs, entrepreneur selection and mentorship, and IP collaboration.

Bain also partnered with Acumen (formerly the Acumen Fund) through its pro bono consulting program, with a focus on improving its organizational effectiveness; the resulting plan helped refine some of Acumen’s most critical processes, including implementing a more transparent investment process.

“Our focus is very much about helping [Endeavor and Acumen] become more effective organizations – we help them think through their strategy and operating models, so that they can be more effective in what they do, and importantly, develop the repeatable models necessary to scale,” explains Tam.

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