Preparing to set out for Antarctica

The Antarctica expedition begins this week! Diego, an AC from Mexico City, writes about his trip preparations.

What has been the best part of the 3+ months of preparation for the Antarctica expedition?

If I said that these three months have “flown by”, I would be lying. They have been incredibly slow and felt eternal at times. One might say they have passed by at glacial speed (pun intended). Yet, as with most things, there is a silver lining: I’ve had plenty of time to think about and imagine my days down south. Over these three months, it was not uncommon to find myself stopped at a traffic light and “zone out” with my mind travelling all the way to Antarctica. (More often than not, I discovered, people behind me weren’t too supportive – evidenced by the cacophony of their horns and honks whenever the light turned green and I stood between them and their destinies.)

Purposefully, I’ve tried to keep myself in the dark, uninformed of my itinerary. I’ve stayed as unaware as possible regarding what my day-to-day plans will be. Lack of excitement? Quite the opposite: I wish to safeguard the surprise for as long as possible. I want to wake up each day in Antarctica wondering “What on Earth will Robert have us do today?”; then get dressed and join the crew on deck in search of new experiences. This has been the best part of the run-up to the expedition: this continuous nervousness and growing expectation, this constant adrenaline in the face of an unknown future which draws closer by the minute, this sense of impending adventure knocking on my window and urging me to run past the Equator into that last great wilderness: Antarctica!

Now that it’s almost time to embark, what part of the expedition are you most excited about?

Two months ago, I received my insurance policy for the expedition. If you think there is nothing exciting about an insurance policy, you would be mostly right and joined by the 99.9% of the population who find insurance policies bland and unexciting. Nonetheless, I believe that this 99.9% has never received an Antarctic insurance policy.

As I read through the terms and conditions, my eyes kept getting bigger and my imagination started racing: “extreme conditions”, “extraction from remote location”, “unpredictable contact with wildlife”, “icebergs and other ice formations”. This was completely insane! Still, the best was waiting for me in a section titled “Covered Activities”. Right there stood three words that made my heart and body, literally, bounce up and down: “jumping into oceans”. That, my friends, means I just might be able to take a real Polar Plunge in real Polar water!

The second thing that has me incredibly excited is meeting the rest of the team in person – Bainies, the 2041 crew, and the other Expedition members. Throughout these past months, interacting with Luba, Sri and Sidd – as well as the larger Bain-2041 crew – I’ve come in contact with an incredible group of like-minded people. We not only got along from the get-go, but we share a huge amount of interests, activities, worries and motivations. I can only begin to imagine what will happen when we get to Ushuaia and board a boat of 80+ kindred spirits: instant life-long friends, late night story-telling and the seamless camaraderie you find only when “home” is but a distant place.

I promise to keep you all posted as often as possible, so don’t stop checking this blog. You can also follow our voyage through our Twitter feed at @DiegoBainAC. I can guarantee some incredible adventures and stories.

– Diego

Visit our Antarctica page to view our Antarctica videos, including Diego’s application video.

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  1. Ahhh!!! Sigo tan emocionada con tu aventura que ya quiero saber como va todo por esos lugares fríos e indescritiblemente hermosos.
    Saludos dieguito

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