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Reflections from the field: Visiting smallholder farmers in India and Kenya

Bain Partner Vikki Tam writes about her recent field visits in India and Kenya. Upon my return from the various field visits I have been making to India and Kenya as part of our current project for Acumen, I was … Continue reading

Reflections on Antarctica

The 2041 Antarctica Expedition ended last week. Read on for reflections on the trip from Bain expedition members, as well as their favorite photos from the adventure. Luba: Antarctica re-opened my eyes to the wonders of our planet, and reminded … Continue reading

An Antarctic lunch at Bain Buenos Aires

After a life-changing adventure, the Antartica Bainies stopped by the Bain office in Buenos Aires for lunch on Friday. We gathered around some typical empanadas, spread a geo-political map over the whiteboard, and waited for the ice layers to invade … Continue reading

Leading social change at Bain

Partner Vikki Tam was recently recognized by Wharton’s social impact initiative for her leadership of Bain’s global development practice. Read on to learn more about Vikki’s career at Bain. Global development is one of two firm-wide [social impact] priorities for Bain. … Continue reading

56° South – Rounding Cape Horn

Jump out of bed. Pants, shoes and jacket on! Run down the hall, up one flight of stairs. Open the door and get hit by a wet, cold easterly gale. Fight the wind to try and walk the (slippery) deck … Continue reading

One last hike in Antarctica

“Wakey wakey wakey! Eggs and bakey!” Jumper’s voice roused me from sleep and I tumbled from my bed into my now well-worn thermals to prepare for our final landing at Brown’s Bluff. I knew the routine by now: the day … Continue reading

It’s a matter of time

On the third day of the Antarctica expedition -still in Ushuaia- we heard a lecture by an economist who generates future scenarios for a major international oil company. In the first part of her lecture, she showed us the estimated … Continue reading

Whales, penguins, and seals – oh my!

Last week, the Antarctica expedition went through the Drake passage and reached Antarctica. Sid, an AC from Delhi, writes about what he’s seen so far. Hi everyone! I was initially supposed to write this post on Wednesday. However, I spent … Continue reading

Layers! Layers! Layers!

The Antarctica expedition participants convened in Ushuaia, Argentina last Saturday. On Monday – their last day in Argentina before boarding the boat – the group hiked the Martial Glacier. According to the 2041 team, “this is first contact with almost … Continue reading

Why travel to Antarctica?

Today, the Antarctica expedition members will board the boat for the passage south. Luba, a Consultant from London, writes about why she joined the trip. I am headed for Antarctica.  “Have fun with the polar bears!” some have said.  Others wish … Continue reading

Preparing to set out for Antarctica

The Antarctica expedition begins this week! Diego, an AC from Mexico City, writes about his trip preparations. What has been the best part of the 3+ months of preparation for the Antarctica expedition? If I said that these three months … Continue reading