Boston’s first global development speaker event

Last month, members of the Boston office gathered for an engaging discussion on global development. The speaker event, entitled “Issues in Global Development: Agriculture,” was sponsored by Boston’s new Global Development Network. The panelists included Carolina Lescano, a former AC who works at Root Capital; Ross Lipstein, a former AC with externship experience at the Gates Foundation and ATA Ethiopia who is currently enrolled in a joint MBA-MPAID program through Harvard and Stanford Universities; and Lindsay Wilner, a Consultant with experience working with Technoserve in Tanzania.

The event was a lively and informal discussion with plenty of audience participation, including several Bainies from the San Francisco and Dallas offices who were able to listen in and ask questions from their home offices. While the discussion focused primarily on the issues and importance of agricultural development, it also covered a wide variety of topics such as developing and balancing a “social return on investment,” and how the Bain skill set applies to the global development sector. Toward the end of the event, an audience member asked the panelists why they are passionate about global development. Their answers focused on the opportunity to have a lasting impact, connect with people from all over the world, and work in an exciting and changing field – all of which resonated with the audience.

As founding members of the Global Development Network, the discussion was especially exciting for us. Bain’s commitment to Global Development takes many diverse forms: pro-bono case work with organizational partners such as Endeavor and Acumen, externships at global development organizations all over the world, and practice area experts who develop insights into the space. As ACs who are passionate about global development, we wanted to create a forum to discuss progress in the space, as well as to highlight the many ways in which Bain engages with this topic.

While the goals of global development – lifting billions out of poverty, educating the world’s children, and providing adequate food, safety, housing, and healthcare – can seem daunting, the opportunity to work toward them is exciting, and one we feel lucky to have. This forum allowed us to discuss those issues, and it’s exciting to be part of the passionate and dedicated group of Bainies committed to addressing them!

– John and Sophie, Associate Consultants, Boston

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