Arriving in Ushuaia


Several of us have now arrived in Ushuaia – our departure point for the expedition – and the remaining expedition participants will arrive tomorrow. Just below, we’ve included a picture of Neysa meeting Robert Swan and some of the 2041 team upon our arrival yesterday.

Neysa and 2041

We also wanted to share a video in which Ben (the London Associate Consultant who brought this initiative to Bain) introduces his involvement in 2041 and Robert (the leader of 2041) talks about the importance of the expedition and what we as Bainies can contribute to it. This video was used as part of the “youth team’s” fundraising efforts last year. Since that time, we have had an additional Bainie join our team – bringing the total number of Bain Antarctica team members to 5. We hope you find Ben’s passion, Robert’s conviction, and the images of Antarctica as inspiring as we do!

As mentioned in prior posts and in the video, we’ll be blogging regularly during the expedition, so please continue to check back for daily updates from now through March 13th. You can also hear from other expedition participants on 2041’s blog.

Sam will soon share her thoughts from our first full day in Ushuaia.

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