Monthly Archives: February 2013

First day in Ushuaia with the 2041 team

Ushuaia was beautiful this morning. Despite jetlag, we missed the sunrise as we were dead to the world through sheer exhaustion. But the view from our window is due east down the Beagle Channel – with Argentina to the North … Continue reading

Arriving in Ushuaia

Several of us have now arrived in Ushuaia – our departure point for the expedition – and the remaining expedition participants will arrive tomorrow. Just below, we’ve included a picture of Neysa meeting Robert Swan and some of the 2041 … Continue reading

Traveling to the southernmost town in the world

Hello from Argentina! We are half-way through our 30 hour journey from London to Ushuaia (the southernmost town in the world) from which we will set sail for Antarctica.  It is a beautiful sunny summer’s day and the light is … Continue reading

Bain Antarctica 2013: achieving the extraordinary

It’s amazing what a person can achieve.  Take Ben for instance, an AC in Bain London.  A few years back, he joined an expedition to Antarctica that inspired him and changed his life.   He made a commitment to Robert Swan … Continue reading

What “Social Impact at Bain” means to two Boston ACs

In our first few years as Associate Consultants (ACs) at Bain & Company, we’ve had the opportunity to get involved in Social Impact at Bain in many different ways.  After attending a social enterprise conference a couple weeks ago, we … Continue reading

True North goes due South

I have always been passionate about sustainability and eager to explore new ways to take action; in my penultimate year at the University of Bath, I did just that.  With a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance I became … Continue reading

Bain partners with Teach For America

For the next few months I’m going to be your eyes and ears into the current Teach For America case team. To kick things off in this first post, I thought it best to cover the basics: a little bit … Continue reading